6 Days Umbwe Route

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Day 1:

Umbwe gate to Umbwe cave, from the 2,100m the path begins. The route takes you to the fast camp Umbwe cave. (Bivouac I at 2,940m) in 4-6hrs

Day 2:

Umbwe cave to Barranco, keep ascent through steep and scramble rock across rain forest to moorland, which may take 4-5hrs to reach Bivouac II at 3,780m. After 1hr walk you will reach to 3,900m and you will see the end of tree line. The path proceed cairn to the southern glacier branches right contouring into Baranco situated at 4,000m, 2hrs from Bivouc II

Day 3:

Barranco acclimatization, this is a good place to rest a day to acclimatize. You may spend your day at camp and snooze in the sun all day. If you are feeling fit you may walk to high altitude and come down to relax in low altitude this will help you to get acclimatized.

Day 4:

Barranco to Arrow glacier, the route to the Western Breach from the tree lines and then continues up to Umbwe ridge, which becomes the Western.

Lateral Moraine of the peak and the routes goes straight towards the Western Breach and then reach to the Arrow glacier, which is situated at 4,800m.

Day 5:

To ascent to the summit on this day you may involve between 10½ or 14½hrs.
Usually you start this days walking early in the morning for the idea to see sun rise and also to avoid the mist, screen and snow on the ascent will still be frozen.

So after 3km walk and 6-8hrs in 110m of ascent you will reach the top and descent through Barafu in 2,800m for 4-7hrs of walking in 12km, you will reach the Mweka hut.

Day 6:

After breakfast descend steeply through the forest on a narrow path in 10km of walking and 3-4hrd to reach the Mweka gate after 1400m of descent. Depart for your next destination, which is optional.

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