Our team is highly concerned with Covid19 in all countries. We ask all people to take precautions as instructed by the governments and health authorities in order to control the spread of Corona virus. The disease has affected many economic and social sectors in many countries and tourism sector being among the highly affected sectors. We’re also concerned about the Porters, Guides who’re jobless currently and they live in very hard environment. We’re taking actions to make sure we support them to live during this challenging period.

The Tanzania the government is taking actions to make sure this disease is controlled in all areas. We also insist our team in Tanzania to take precautions in preventing Corona virus to spread by following all procedures instructed by the government and ministers concern with health and others.  Due to the fact that, some hospitals are new and established for Covid19, they lack some essential facilities including Ventilators and Testing Machines as well as protective gears to the health workers/experts. All these have raised concern for us to invite you to support us so that we can enable our hospitals and health workers to work well during this period of Corona Virus.

In supporting the efforts of the government and the community to fight Corona virus, BAYANGO TOURS has started to raise funds for supporting  local communities affected by COVID_19, the government and Volunteers by supplying health facilities to the people in need, ventilators and other health facilities to support our local hospitals and people in quarantines.  Most of the hospitals need enough ventilators including the ones in Tanzania.  We invite you to join us in this project so that we can help our local communities and save lives of the people in need.